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  1. You have experience using HouseCanary and previous experience investing as well; would you saythat HouseCanary takes the quality of the neighborhood into account when calculating or not?If not, how do you personally get a feel for the neighborhood then?
  2. How accurate are sites like Zillow, ReMax and Trulia for house pricing? Also, where is their usual bias? Higher than the real world? Lower? Which is the most accurate?
  3. I am in the process of completing a deal that will involve owner financing. However, the owner has a mortgage on the home that we are hoping to have remain in place. Do any of you have experience with doing this type of deal, specifically in CA, but in general is appreciated as well. I am mostly concerned about having the existing mortgage become accelerated if I record the transaction. So I'm wondering the best way to avoid having that happen, and if any of you know if Bank of America typically does routine checks on whether or not homes they hold mortgages on have been sold or have a title r
  4. Thanks for sharing Duncan! I can't wait to see what everyone else has to say!
  5. Haha George Skidis‍, what a gem of a tenant.
  6. Love it. The first four hit home so hard; what I would give for knowing an outdoor rug would have been better for the dogs getting used to the apartment.
  7. Both concepts sound wise to me; sometimes people need to lose a little to value what they have more. Further, I've read several articles recently that suggest that people are more willing to pay smaller, more frequent payments than one time, larger payments (see Netflix, for example).
  8. Ellen McDonell‍ when you say, "step up our inspections", do you mean the frequency or the scrutiny? If it's scrutiny, how do you feel that will help stop damage from compounding?
  9. That's so crazy to me; I cannot imagine moving somewhere that wouldn't allow me to keep cat. Those places just wouldn't even be looked at. But hey that's just me. I've talked to other tenants in my own apartment complex that have said similar things had happened to them in the past.
  10. Good question; I read a statistic the other day that something around 80% of millennials own at least 1 cat or dog. And it seems like the trend is only continuing to increase.On the note of the article, that's upsetting on multiple levels. That poor vet. I'm glad he got it settled in the end.
  11. If the landlord doesn't have any clauses in the lease specifying the care for the pipes during the winter, are they still justified in having the tenant bear the cost of maintenance, due to perhaps a general negligence clause or something like that?
  12. 4 Imperative Steps Real Estate Success (If you are Starting Out) You are Not Alone in Your Real Estate Ambition. Every single person in real estate completed their first deal with huge trepidation. Over the years, I’ve asked many real estate pros about their 1st deal experience. More than half go into great detail about everything they did wrong. So here is what I’ve learned and I’m sharing with you. You can avoid all the frustration. If you’ve have made it this far, there is a pretty good chance you will succeed. There are no roadblocks, only speed bumps.
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