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CCIA Workshop - Find the Deal... Make the Deal... GET PAID! Workshop with Tom Zeeb


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Find the Deal... Make the Deal... GET PAID! Workshop with Tom Zeeb

Here is the feedback we received from other National REIA groups when at our Mid-Year Conference... "Tom Zeeb's 1-day classes are of insanely good value and jam-packed with immediate, usable knowledge"!  "Tom's events are highly informative, as well as fun, for investors of all levels of experience"


Unless you attend and get trained, you're going to miss out... big time!


Tom Zeeb's "FIND the Deal, MAKE the Deal, GET PAID Workshop" is a full day workshop

focused on:


  • Find the Deal (Marketing)
  • Make the Deal (Negotiating)
  • Get Paid (Closing Deals)



The entire day will be spent teaching participants how to:


  • Market to Find Deals
  • Analyze Deals
  • Determine Comps
  • Estimate Repairs
  • Negotiate with Sellers
  • Control your Deals – from the various pitfalls on the way to settlement!
  • And much more



When you attend the "FIND the Deal, MAKE the Deal, GET PAID Workshop" with Tom Zeeb, you will receive 3 excellent bonuses just for attending:


BONUS #1: 


  • 41-page FIND the Deal, MAKE the Deal, GET PAID Workbook that you will use throughout the training on Saturday, building your detailed plan for success. (a $97 value) 


BONUS #2: 


  • "Online Marketing for High Profit Deals -- How to find deals while staying home in your pajamas".  An audio training teaching you Tom's online marketing methods that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to use. (a $97 value) 


BONUS #3: 


  • "Packaging your deals for a rehabber: The 9 deadly mistakes wholesalers make to tick a rehabber off!" An audio training teaching you exactly how to present a deal to rehabbers, landlords, and buyers. (a $97 value) 



You're going to be very excited about Tom's class. Like when he presented at our main meeting, Tom's going to only be focused on what's going on RIGHT NOW and how he can help you. 


Every time he teaches you have an actionable list of things to do that are rock-solid and set purely in logic. They are action steps that will actually make you money. And it will make you money fast. 


Register at: ccia-info.com



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