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    The Association Leader's group is a private space for regional leaders to share resources and updates.

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    The Arizona Real Estate Investors Association – AZREIA has supported the needs of real estate investors since 2002. Whether you are an experienced investor with a large portfolio or just getting started and looking to secure income and wealth through real estate investing, AZREIA provides you with exceptional support, education, networking, and critical services to further your success. Our membership is a community consisting of independent real estate investors who invest in single family, small multi-family, wholesaling, and notes. Our monthly chapter meetings in Phoenix and Tucson provide valuable local market data, timely education, structured networking, and market information. AZREIA subgroups provide networking, information and sharing opportunities in areas like rental property, wholesaling, notes, and fix & flip. Specialty Focus Groups assist member further in areas like Beginning Investors and Residential Assisted Living Investing with additional groups concentrating on specific investing methods and strategies. A wide array of businesses supporting investor’s needs makes it easy for members to build their support team. Do not overlook AZREIA relationships with product and services providers that will save you money and significantly increase your profits. Whether our exclusive volume pricing & rebates with the Home Depot, substantial savings from local providers, or many other money saving opportunities, you will likely save many times your annual dues. Educational opportunities are plentiful and delivered through AZREIA’s own education program and in collaboration with outside education providers. AZREIA’s Core Education Classes are specifically designed for new investors to develop their critical skills quickly and effectively. Our strategy classes are provided through AZREIA and others and deliver an advanced level of knowledge. AZREIA has a proven process to accelerate your development and get you successfully investing in real estate quickly. From our Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment for new real estate investors through our Launch Pad process we will quickly move you though the discovery and planning cycle and provide you with a implementable business plan unique to your own personal life situation. This alone will save you months from start up to your first deal. Lastly, we operate at the highest integrity and ethics in the industry. As a member, you will be held to a high standard, as well. All our members directly provide housing or participate in the “supply chain” in some manner. It is a noble and honorable profession that provides investors a fantastic lifestyle and comes with the responsibility to operate legally, ethically, and morally.
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    The Association Leader's group is a private space for regional leaders to share resources and updates.

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    This is the official chapter of the National REIA for the Boston Area

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    The ongoing education is endless, and as a result, hopefully your goals will continue to evolve and your success in the real estate business will increase. We serve Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties and help people invest in Florida real estate.
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    CCIA is a Chapter of the National REIA providing Real Estate Investment Education, Motivation and Networking for Real Estate Investors. CCIA is run by M. Jane Garvey, a rental property owner and investor dedicated to the success of Real Estate Investors everywhere.

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    Diversified Real Estate Investor Group (DIG) is located in the Philadelphia Tri-State region. Since 1978 we have been educating investors in all areas of Real Estate Investing. Focus is on Networking to build a safe community for our investors to LEARN, CONNECT and DO Real Estate!

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    ICOR is Colorado's only nationally recognized & award-winning real estate investors association (REIA) serving Denver Metro, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins & Northern Colorado as well as real estate & rental property investors across the state. Visit www.icorockies.com to learn more!

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    The Illinois Real Estate Investors Association, Inc. (IL REIA) is a Chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association. The Association was founded in 2015 by George N. Skidis, Jr. We meet via Zoom on the 3rd Thursday of the month unless there is a conflict with a National REIA event.

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    Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is based in the Kansas City Area. MAREI has been serving members who live in KC, invest in KC, or just have an interest in being a part of our membership. We are hosting this group for all of our members and investors in the Kansas City Metro.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    The Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Association is a real estate investing association providing a conduit to learn, network and grow your real estate or note investments. We provide a safe environment to learn through speaker presentations, a network of contacts and vendors, discussions on current real estate market conditions and a lending library. Meetings are open to everyone. Our mission is "to attract, serve and encourage Real Estate investors and professionals of all levels to acquire and sharepractical knowledge of Real Estate investment concepts through education, discussion and networking which leads to action." Our vision is to become one of the premier real estate clubs nationally for the educational & networking experience; which leads to attendees putting together deals and helping and teaching others to do it also.

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    The community club for Memberflow Admins Memberflow Support Site - https://memberflow.zendesk.com

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    MIG exists to serve the Memphis-area real estate investment community. Our mission is to provide our members the education, training, motivation and networking opportunities that will further the ethical investment in real estate.
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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    Greater Seattle area REIA, Join us to broaden your real estate investing knowledge and meet fellow real estate investors in Seattle area

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    ToledoREIA is a non profit educational association for all local investors,, Housing Providers, Rehabbers, COntractors, Flippers Wholesalers. Improving our community one house at a time,

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    Traction REIA is the leading association for Real Estate Investors in DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Tampa and Sarasota. We are the only Official National REIA Chapter in the Greater Washington DC Metro, Tampa and Sarasota Areas and have been serving the Real Estate Community for more than two decades. For details, go to https://tractionreia.com/

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