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About This Club

MnREIA is the largest REIA in the Upper Midwest and was voted #1 REIA in Minnesota by the Top Association Leaders and National Speakers in the Country. Mike Jacka, founder and owner, started MnREIA in 2002 with just 8 members. Today, we are proud to say we have 975 members and are continuously growing! We are a Community of Real Estate Investors that strive to provide the most current, relevant, and fresh training from the top leaders in the Real Estate Industry. MnREIA is an association which meets monthly and provides intense training and networking that is essential to developing a strong real estate career. With local guest speakers, as well as some nationally known speakers/educators, we provide you with the latest market strategies, education and trends that can be offered. MnREIA’s mission is to provide quality, efficient, effective training, education, and networking opportunities to its members while consistently promoting ethical business practices with the public. We pride ourselves and our members on the positive and productive relationships we have developed with inspectors, code compliance offices, realtors, lenders, brokers and all the contractors we work with. MnREIA memberships are made up of full-time and part-time investors, beginning investors, real estate brokers and agents, business associates, attorneys, accountants, property managers, contractors, renovation specialists, appraisers, bankers, and people such as you who want to enjoy the many benefits of real estate investing. It has always been important to us to maintain open communication between MnREIA and all its members to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Successful people understand networking is the key to anyone’s success, but especially as an investor. MnREIA recognizes this philosophy and we have created an atmosphere for real estate investors to network together. We bring all the right people together from all areas of the business for you to network with at one convenient location. If you take advantage of the networking potential through MnREIA, then you will become incredibly successful. In addition to the regular monthly meetings, there are several other networking events included in your membership with MnREIA including: * Cash Flow 101 & 202 Game Night * Wholesaling 101 Group * Women in Real Estate group (W.I.R.E.) * Lifeonaire Local Connect Group * Buy-Sell-Trade Mastermind Group * Rehab Property Walk-Through * Landlord Tips & Tricks * House Hacking Check us out at www.MnREIA.com or call us at 763-432-2809 for more information.
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