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Infinite Banking Strategies for Syndication Limited Partners


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Discover the transformative financial maneuvers tailored for Limited Partners in Real Estate Syndications with this upcoming webinar. Join Jason K Powers, an Authorized IBC Practitioner & Wealth Strategist, and Ryan Haley, CFP®, MBA, and U.S. Navy Veteran, as they delve into the sophisticated realms of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). This exclusive webinar is designed to reveal how Limited Partners can harness IBC to amplify their investment efficacy, ensuring a more potent and secure financial footing. With their deep expertise in strategic wealth accumulation and asset protection, Jason and Ryan are set to share valuable strategies that promise to unlock new avenues for financial growth and stability.

As a Limited Partner, the potential to optimize your investments and secure your financial horizon is immense. This session is an invaluable opportunity to explore how IBC can facilitate a tax-advantaged ecosystem for your funds, enhance cash flow, and provide a safety net for your life’s endeavors. It’s a chance to gain a competitive edge by learning from seasoned experts about the nuances of utilizing IBC in a way that aligns with your unique position in the syndication hierarchy. Space is limited for this innovative webinar that could redefine your approach to personal wealth and investment strategy. Register now to reserve your place at the forefront of financial mastery with “Infinite Banking Strategies for Syndication Limited Partners”.


Recordings will NOT be sent out afterwards, so please attend if you can!

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