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CCIA Monthly Meeting


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How to Borrow all The Money You Want from Banks 

with Robert Mohon

Robert built a portfolio of  single-family homes that now support him completely, using no private money or creative financing whatsoever—just his hard-won knowledge about  banking and credit. Bring your borrowing and credit questions, and make  real-life application of this knowledge in your life today.

Join us Sunday February 20th and Discover:

  • How to get better deals (Lines of credit! Preferred service)
  • How to position yourself to get loans from banks that other people don't 
  • The 5 things that make you irresistible to lenders
  • What you absolutely MUST do to protect yourself when working with banks (that no banker wants you to know)
  • The attitude and posture you want to have with bankers
  • Why a line of credit is YOUR gold standard, and how to get a bank to agree to give you one
  • The dirty but awesome secret of how banks actually work, and how you can take total (legal) advantage of it
  • What a “trash bank account” is and why you need at least one
  • The “other” credit score that you’ve never seen and only banks use
  • How to boost your credit score immediately and legally

Sunday, February 20th, 2022

Details: https://ccia-info.com/2-20-working-with-banks

5:30pm CT - Open Networking

6:00pm CT - Legislative Updates

                           Brief  Educational/Motivational Segment

                           Have/Want Session & Vendors

7:00 - 8:30pm CT - Main Speaker

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Many investors have misconceptions about borrowing from banks on their investment properties. Robert Mohon is a seasoned investor who will share his ideas about what banks want to see, and what has made him able to navigate the path to success with banks.  Join us this Sunday!

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