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How to Create and Use Your Own Land Trust


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This Saturday, June 25th WE HAVE THAT FOR YOU!!!

with Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes
All-Day Workshop  9am-3pm
NIU Naperville Campus
Just $97 for CCIA members or $147 for non-members!  

  • Did you know... Land Trusts are a particularly useful tool in doing creative deals?  Wholesaling, Options, Subject to’s, Seller Financing, and other creative deals can all be handled via a land trust in ways that save you time, money, and hassles. 
  • Did you know... there is NO REGISTRY for Land Trusts like there are for LLC's and Corp's?
  • Did you know... that Land Trusts are a great way to pass control to your property to your heirs without going through probate?
  • Did you know... that Land Trusts can help keep your name out of the public records?
  • Did you know... that linking your Land Trust with your LLC or Corp is a great Asset Protection Tool?
  • Did you know... selling the Beneficial Interest in a Land Trust is a private (non-recorded) transaction?
  • Did you know... naming your Land Trust properly is an additional Asset Protection tool? (Boy did we have fun discussing this point at the meeting!!!)
  • Did you know... your Trustee can be anyone YOU choose?  There are no Trustee Licensing, Bonding or Continuing Education requirements?

At this In-Person all-day workshop, you’ll do all this:     
  • Actually form your first land trust, by filling out a real land trust document in real time as Randy explains the hows and whys     
  • Learn how your land trust works with an LLC to create ultimate privacy AND asset protection—and if you have an LLC, exactly how to ‘fill in the blanks’ to make your LLC the beneficiary     

Discover how to use your new land trust to:        

  • More easily buy properties creatively, using everything from options to subject to strategies 
  • Partner with other investors without the expense of transferring title
  • “Sell” deals to other people, sort of like on land contract, only without the risk and expense of foreclosures            

Your registration includes:    

  • A 40-page land trust booklet to fill out during the workshop
  • Gourmet Box Lunch
  • Awesome Networking with Fellow Investors

Register Now at: https://ccia-info.com/6-25-22-land-trust-ws

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