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Winning with the Negotiation STACK



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Special Interactive Zoom Event - Winning With The Negotiation Stack with Tom Zeeb  


If you missed seeing Tom at our CCIA Meeting Last Sunday - Or would like to hear Tom again - Join us for this special 1-Hour, free Training with Tom Zeeb!

Monday September 26th, 2022

Time:  7pm CT

CLICK HERE to register on Zoom NOW!  You will get the meeting link which is the only way to watch the training.

On this Zoom Presentation, Tom Zeeb is going to teach you his unique approach to negotiating deals -- any type of deals.  
This works anywhere in America (and beyond, for that matter...) and you are welcome to attend and learn no matter where you are located. No Cost to Attend.
Tom put together a great workbook for you to use during the presentation. Be sure to print it out in advance and be ready to use it during the training.  

Register and receive:

#1) Custom "Winning With The Negotiation Stack" 11-page Workbook to use during the event

#2) A Special Offer for signing up for Tom's 1-day

Tom will be giving us a taste of what to expect when you register for his full day training on Saturday October 8th including:  

  • Negotiation techniques you can use now 
  • How (and why) to put negotiation techniques into your own "voice" 
  • The "flow" of a typical negotiation 
  • The 3 categories needed to get the price & terms you want 
  • Using a straightforward approach to correctly build your business 
  • How to negotiate deals like a pro (even if the thought of negotiating scares you) 
  • How to use negotiation for ANY exit strategy (rehabbing, BRRR, wholesale, commercial, etc) 
  • And much more... 

CLICK HERE to register on Zoom NOW!

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