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As a beginner with almost no money, how do I get started investing in real estate?

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First thing joint your local REIA. Make sure it is affiliated with National REIA.

U-Tube is your friend. It is also your enemy. Make sure you research who you are following.

Once you join a REIA you can enroll in online classes with National REIA University. Some are free some are $10.00, $20 or more. These classes help you earn the Professional Housing (PHP) Designation. It takes a little over 60 hours to earn it. Many of those hours can be earned at your local REIA as well.

Books by Mark J. Kohler can help you understand the finance side.

Courses by Lou Brown and Lee Phillips can help you with the asset protection and management side. Buy them through your local REIA. 

Good Luck and Good Investing.


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Although it is an aged post, I will supply my thoughts in case they van help anyone else.

I believe that everyone brings something to the table. You must find out what that something is for you. 

If it isn't money, it might be the ability to locate properties (off market) that can be purchased (below market value), or it might be time. Time that can be spent searching public records (even online), or time spent posting on social media platforms for other real estate investors.

Nail down what you can bring to the table, then find real estate investors that need what you have to offer and then learn from them what you seek.

If you have email (hopefully all do) and you want to learn from seasoned investors, then consider subscribing to our FREE online newsletter that is released weekly to our Readers and supplies Knowledge, Resources & Contacts gained from hands-on, in-the-trenches experiences via seasoned minds. Learn from their mistakes and Leverage their successes. Here is where you can subscribe for free: www.REIknowledge.com  Good luck, Rob.

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