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PHP Instructor - Income Tax, Insurance & Ethics

George Skidis

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Are your members earning PHP credit and working towards Earning the PHP Designation? Does your REIA need a speaker to that can cover both the INCOME TAX, INSURANCE & ETHICS requirements in a Saturday Seminar?

George Skidis has worked in the insurance industry since 1980.  During that time he has worked as a Field Underwriter, Insurance Adjuster for both Property & Liability Claims,  Public Insurance Adjuster representing the policy owner and Insurance Agent.  George is a licensed insurance agent in four (4) states.

In addition to Co-Managing Varski Properties with his wife Maria, George also runs Skidis & Co. an Insurance Sales and Income Tax Return preparation company..  He personally prepares over 180 tax returns a year. Many of those returns are for Real Estate investors.

If you would like to have a Saturday Seminar that meets the education requirements, is informative, entertaining and explains the connection between The Pirates of the Caribbean and Worker's Compensation Insurance then you need to hire George to teach your seminar.

George spent 20 years on the board and as President of a not for profit REIA. He is President and Founder of Illinois REIA a National REIA Chapter located in Southern Illinois. He has also served on the board of National REIA for almost 9 years serving in various capacities including Treasurer and Vice President.

The cost to your REIA is minimal compared to the accomplishment of getting these PHP classes in the books for your members. Call George at 618-520-8999 for more information and to schedule him to speak at your REIA.

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