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CRE = Team Sport: Don't Let Financial Problems Compound!


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Looks like no one has posted on this site in a while.  I think it will become important for us to communicate as this year rolls forward.  I am particularly concerned with commercial real estate and invite anyone with cashflow problems and/or debt service problems to reach out to me for help.  I can be reached at ginny.bolling@PivotalREILLC.com, but a phone call or text is best to 321.303.3258.  Hope I am not breaking any rules by giving this.

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Ginny, it appears that you are well seasoned, and probably appreciate the power of networking, so I wanted to make you aware of a free online virtual networking event we host. The next virtual (Zoom style meeting) networking event is Tuesday, February 13th @ 7PM EST. The event will be attended by investors nationwide and all levels of investing, so if you are eager to share what you have to offer, or what you are seeking........register, attend and connect. Here is the registration link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0ocOurrjMsHNP4M7_24AEV1IWQToKCbe0u


See you there, Rob.


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