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HI! I'm a new Certified Money Broker

Debora Jimenez

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I just want to make myself known right now.
My life started in St. Joseph, Missouri. I've been nursing for 45 years there and about. And I am back in St. Joe.  Unfortunately, I have never been diligent to pursue money except for immediate needs; I have failed miserably to plan for retirement years.  Over the past 5 years I have suffered slipped cervical spine discs and pinched nerves; the pain is exhausting. I always hoped I would be one of those older people that only needed 4 or 5 hours of sleep, but that hasn't been the case.
 And now I am pursuing the promise of financial gain in real estate investing. I first became enlightened to the idea in 2008 and bought a package called Russ Dalbey's Note something or other business. I worked for a couple of months, delving into local Missouri courthouse records, and left it by the wayside. I bought into a similar system,  New Wealth Advisors Club, 10 years ago in California while I was there again working as a nurse; I only got confused and frustrated for those couple of months, but had to return to Missouri for sick family.
I have no purchases or real experience in real estate. I rent the home I have lived in for 10 years.  Now, with the Lee Arnold System, I just recently became a Certified Money Broker.  I am actively learning and marketing, I have a vision and I am following through on an action plan. I plan to create a legacy for my daughter and granddaughters. I used to be at Church all the time, and as I get nearer financial freedom, I will be attending Church more frequently again.  I have a vision that I'll have the freedom to routinely bask in the warmth of the summer days again; to routinely do daily stretching and toning again; I want the freedom to visit and entertain family and friends more; and to take frequent sabbaticals while 'my business' is on cruise control.
My first goal, beside getting bills caught up, is to arrange a Quinceanera. My granddaughter wants to delve into our Hispanic heritage.  So, we are hoping everything works out well enough that we can have a really nice 15-year-old birthday party for her in the first week of May.  Her sister turns 16 two days later; so another special celebration. My next goal is to pay for stem cell therapy for my own pain relief and healing of nerves and joint systems.
With all that said, 'Money makes my world go around.' 
So please, send me some contracts! We have quick, flexible funding. https://reiclub.com/private-money-brokers/debo-rei-lending/
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Glad to hear of your venture into connecting money with those who seek it. I am a former investor (10 years) and current lender (10 years) and enjoy helping real estate investors get their purchases (projects) to the closing table. I am a member of the team at Rehab Financial Group, a direct rehab style lender. We gain many borrowers from referral sources (such as: mortgage brokers, realtors, wholesalers, settlement agents, accountants/bookkeepers, etc.). I welcome the opportunity to start a relationship with you as a referral source being paid your fee on the loan closing HUD. Most of our referral sources earn between 1%-2% of the loan amount and we do all of the work (keeping you in the loop during the loan processing). If you network with real estate investors that could benefit from the use of our money (up to 100% financing of the purchase & rehab), here is my contact info: Rob@rehabfinancial.com Direct 215.913.1580, Rob Beeman.

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