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Kim Tucker

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I did a quick under 10-minute loom video to give you a quick look at the carrot affiliate dashboard.


I don't do a lot of marketing but I know if I can get Trevor to join me at my monthly meeting or at a virtual meeting where I actually talk with him - or with a few other carrot people, they are all great - we could showcase carrot - you will get a lot more sign-ups because you let them ask a question, which is not a thing they can really do with the evergreen demo video - This is something I have been trying to work with Kayla - they actually have a carrot person who lives in Missouri.  I have been trying to get Trevor virtually, but I might decide to have the local carrot person come speak at my REIA.

Some links for you to check out

Sales page:  https://carrot.com?fpr=1075

Demo page https://carrot.com/demo/?fpr=1075

SEO Key word:  https://carrot.com/guides/seo-bible-download/?fpr=1075

How to market using facebook retargeting https://carrot.com/blog/infographic-how-to-increase-real-estate-investing-leads-with-retargeting-ads/?fpr=1075

Free seller leads workshop https://go.carrot.com/evergreen-workshop/?fpr=1075

Giude to Video Marketing  https://carrot.com/blog/video-marketing-for-real-estate-guide/?fpr=1075

Note all of the above links are affiliate links, should you click and buy something, MAREI will earn a residual fee.

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