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Speed Reading Tenant

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A New First.  - Had a tenant reviewing a lease. Advised I am not an attorney and they have the right to take the contract to their attorney for review. He explained to me that He was a speed reader, and only read every other line and that was enough to understand the lease agreement. That was how he managed to graduate from high school.

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George - At least he admitted he read every other line in the lease!. I wish I could get my tenants to read the whole lease - and understand what it says.
The part they seem to skip over reading is the part that says rent is due on the first of the month, and late fees begin on the 5th of the month. That seems hard to understand for them.
Maybe they were just speed reading right over that part.

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This was just to crazy not to share.  However, It actually worries me for a couple of reasons.

1. Did the applicant just admit they were not mentally competent to sign the lease?
2. If not competent is the lease/contract even binding?
3. What happens if eviction comes up and the lease is voided by the court due to mental capacity?

What do you think?

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